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From metabolic disorders, auto-immune diseases, and cancer, there’s a commonality within each that has impacted patients’ wellness: their treatments utilize protein therapeutics. BioHybrid Solutionsworld-renowned scientists are spearheading innovations in protein therapeutics by solving a problem facing the pharmaceutical industry: How can we create longer-lived, more effective medicine? 

Our systematic in silico and in vitro process exerts  ImmunoControl through our  EpitopeSilencingprocess, improving pharmacokinetics and increasing the half-life of NanoArmored biologic therapeutics while maintaining activity. In addition, the ImmunoControl platform can be used for EpitopeTargeting and EpitopeAccentuation allowing for the discovery of new drugs against secondary, silent epitopes. 




NanoArmored OPHs: nerve agents prophylactics and therapeutics. 

Customer & Partner: US Government ($38M DTRA program). The  NanoArmored OPHs are a game changer to the enormously serious issues of nerve agents. The program includes discovery, manufacturing, testing and scale-up of NanoArmoreddrugs.

BHS-002, 3, 4

NanoArmored Therapeutic proteins of bacterial origin designed to manage metabolic disorders and fight cancer, such as uricase and asparaginase, are currently in internal development. Others include the modification cancer fighting mini-proteins to increase pharmacokinetics. 



BioHybrid Solutions™ is a partner to the U.S. Government and commercial biologic medicines development companies.

In the past six years, we have created a large number of custom NanoArmored proteins for a variety of therapeutics. Our proprietary technologies are currently being utilized to develop breakthrough biologic medicines that will meet the most critical needs for both civilian and military populations. Partnership opportunities are available. Contact us today.