The dawn of a new era in therapeutics

Casting light into the complex landscape of protein engineering and empowering human health.


From diabetes, to cancer, to genetic and chronic diseases, there’s a commonality within each that has impacted patients’ wellness: their treatments utilize protein therapeutics. BioHybrid Solutions’ world renowned scientists are spearheading innovations in protein therapeutics by solving a problem facing the pharmaceutical industry: How can we create longer-lived, more effective medicine?

While getting to an answer wasn’t simple, it has arrived. Our proprietary technology Nanoarmors the surface of proteins, enabling them to work better in the human body.



Developed at Carnegie Mellon University, our next-generation NanoArmored protein-polymer conjugates with scalable capabilities perfectly suited for advanced therapeutics. We partner with organizations like the NSF, DEP, DoD and DTRA. 


OPH Prophylactic

Customer & Partner: US Government ($35M DTRA program). This NanoArmored OPH beats PEGylated OPH for nerve agent prophylaxis. The program includes pre-clinical manufacturing and testing of NanoArmored drug.


GI Enzyme Replacement Therapy

A NanoArmored stomach-acid resistant oral enzyme replacement therapy (lipase, amylase, protease) with increased stability, lifetime and activity in the stomach and intestine. The market is expected to reach US$1.85 billion by 2023.


Enabling Immunotherapy Program

NanoArmored Therapeutic Proteins & Enzymes designed to help the body fight off cancer.
This is currently in internal development with feasibility and pilot stages commencing in the first quarter of 2020.

NanoArmory Pipeline

Imagine a new alternative to PEGylation that enables more patient friendly routes of administration, reduced immunogenicity and improved pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics.


BioHybrid Solutions is a leading partner to significant federal agencies and foundations, including the U.S. Departments of Defense and Energy and the National Science Foundation. To date, we have created thousands of different NanoArmored proteins™ for a variety of therapeutic and industrial applications. Our proprietary technologies are currently being utilized to develop the next-generation of protein therapeutics that will meet the most critical needs for both civilian and military populations. Looking to partner with BHS? Contact us today. 

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