Pittsburgh, PA. June 02, 2023

Biohybrid Solutions Holdings, Inc. (BHS), is a biotechnology company using advanced polymer technologies to address outstanding challenges in the development of biologic drugs. BHS’ NanoArmor® technology balances careful tuning of the physical properties of biotherapeutics while maximizing their biological properties.

BHS was founded based on fundamental work in polymer science by Krzysztof Matyjaszewski at Carnegie Mellon University. The company has confirmed the value of the technology and advanced its application through extensive work with the US Dept. of Defense on countermeasures for chemical warfare agents. As a result, BHS is now well-positioned to bring the technology to other therapeutic opportunities and is expanding its team with experienced drug development professionals.

Barbara Fox, Ph.D., has been appointed to the BHS Board of Directors. Barbara is the past CEO of Rheos Medicines and Tilos Therapeutics and is a seasoned biotechnology executive with extensive leadership expertise in starting and building clinical-stage biotech companies. Her primary focus has been advancing biologics and small molecules from discovery into the clinic. She is an immunologist by training, has a comprehensive understanding of all key aspects of running a successful biotech company, and has successfully raised capital from a wide range of sources.

Laura Benjamin, Ph.D., has been appointed to the Board of Directors. Laura is the Founder and CEO of OncXerna Therapeutics, with prior leadership roles at Eli Lilly and Harvard Medical School. She is an experienced cancer and vascular biology researcher who transitioned from academia to industry with a passion for improving patients’ lives through innovative drug discovery and development.

Anthony Manning, Ph.D., has been appointed Acting Chief Scientific Officer and a member of the BHS Scientific Advisory Board. Tony was CSO of Momenta Pharmaceuticals and held senior R&D positions at multiple biotech and pharma companies. He directly contributed to the approval of two drugs for treating autoimmune diseases and has led teams in the discovery and clinical development of multiple therapeutics.

“We are delighted to welcome such experienced executives to the BHS team,” said Jean Pineault, President & CEO. “The company has made tremendous progress over the last 12 months, generating compelling data and building valuable infrastructure to support the deployment of our technology. With the addition of Barbara, Laura, and Tony, we look forward to building our pipeline and advancing our NanoArmor® technology into the clinic.”

About BHS

BHS’ vision is to deliver safe and effective biologic drugs to patients everywhere. Our mission is to harness science for the precise design and development of breakthrough biologic medicines. Our systematic in silico and in vitro process exerts ImmunoControl™ through our EpitopeSilencing™ process, improving pharmacokinetics and increasing the half-life of NanoArmored biologic therapeutics while maintaining activity. In addition, the ImmunoControlTM platform can be used for EpitopeTargetingTM and EpitopeAccentuationTM, allowing for the discovery of new drugs against secondary, silent epitopes. Visit us at www.biohybridsolutions.com to learn more.

Please direct inquiries to: info@biohybridsolutions.com