Pittsburgh, PA. May 4th, 2022 

We are excited to announce the strategic re-structuring of BioHybrid Solutions, LLC (BHS, LLC). BHS, LLC is now a  wholly-owned subsidiary of BioHybrid Solutions Holdings, Inc. (BHSH, Inc.). On the heels of this re-structuring,  another wholly-owned subsidiary of BHSH, Inc., BHS Biotechnology, LLC, has been formed.  

The success of BHS’s NanoArmoring technology platform is the catalyst for this change. Specifically, the  deployment of BHS’s capabilities expands the therapeutic window for biological drugs. BHS’s efficient  NanoArmoring technology addresses the key limitations of commercial biologics drug development: half-life  extension, immunogenicity, targeting, and delivery. Armed with best-in-class experience using Atom Transfer  Radical Polymerization (ATRP), a comprehensive Intellectual Property portfolio, and a validated technology  platform in the biologics arena, BHS Biotechnology is poised to produce numerous safer, needed and otherwise  unavailable biological drugs, thereby saving lives.  

Simultaneously with the corporate re-structure, Jean Pineault, formerly President & CEO of BHS, LLC, has been  appointed as the President & CEO of BHSH, Inc. A new Board of Directors was formed with two non-executive  Directors (David Colaizzi, Chair, and Krzysztof Matyjaszewski, CSO), and one executive Director (Jean Pineault).  

“BHS is in an envious position with its technology and know-how. As biologics drug development gains speed, it is  facing common issues that lead to either termination of too many drug development programs, or only a limited  patient population benefit. Some partial solutions have been used to extend half-life, curb immunogenicity,  improve targeting, and delivery, but very few provide simultaneous solutions to multiple issues. For example,  BHS’s drug development programs have increased half-life over 100 fold, while retaining almost full function, and  dramatically reduced immunogenicity. BHS’s re-structuring will be the pivot point from which a series of  NanoArmored biological therapeutics evolve.” said Pineault.  

Based on a step-by-step approach starting with state-of-the-art computerized protein-polymer in silico engineering, the intelligent creation of targeted bioconjugates libraries, and the associated characterization of the  candidates, BHS is laying down a decidedly more efficient path for high-throughput biologics problem-solving.  

“A big driver of our excitement is being part of the growing Pittsburgh biotech economy – evolving science initiated  locally at CMU, establishing an advanced research/manufacturing facility in the community, and developing a  talented workforce determined to improve outcomes of therapeutics. We are thankful to benefit from and eager  to add to the infrastructure.”, said Colaizzi.  

About BioHybrid Solutions Holdings, Inc. 

BioHybrid Solutions Holdings Inc. (BHSH, Inc.), has a validated transformational platform technology that develops  next-generation NanoArmored biological molecules-polymer conjugates. Using proprietary technology originally  developed at Carnegie Mellon University, biological molecules are rationally and precisely modified with polymers  to dramatically improve their stability and performance. NanoArmor® technology can dramatically improve  processes, resulting in higher throughput and lower costs. The NanoArmor® platform technology can be applied  across the $150 billion+ therapeutics marketplace. In addition, this technology can also open new routes of  administration (such as injectable to oral), improve pharmacokinetics, and reduce immunogenicity. BHS is  developing the foundation through which any biotherapeutic can be NanoArmored to provide cost-effective  solutions across industries. Visit us at www.biohybridsolutions.com to learn more. 

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Megan Kemmerer: info@biohybridsolutions.com

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