Pittsburgh, PA. August 09, 2022

We are excited to announce the appointment of Mark Murcko, Ph.D., as our newest Board Member. Mark brings over three decades of industry experience, having been at the center of many transformational biotech efforts and having contributed to nine marketed drugs.  He is currently a senior lecturer in the Department of Biological Engineering at MIT and serves on numerous scientific advisory boards and corporate Boards of Directors for a diverse range of organizations.  Mark is working closely with BioHybrid Solutions (BHS) to accelerate its next phase of growth.

Mark is joining the current Board of Directors of BioHybrid Solutions Holdings, Inc., which is comprised of David Colaizzi (Chair), Krzysztof Matyjaszewski (Co-Founder & CSO), and Jean Pineault (President & CEO).

“Attracting an industry leader like Mark to BHS further validates the significant progress and potential of BHS’s team. Mark will ensure we deliver on our vision and mission. In the past few years, we solved critical challenges related to immunogenicity, pharmacokinetics, and epitope presentation through the application of our ImmunoControl™ platform, which leverages our intelligently designed EpitopeSilencing™ or EpitopeTargeting™ processes.” said Jean Pineault

“I have been interacting with the BHS team since late last year. It is a pleasure to serve on the BHS Board and see the progress the company has made over that time,” said Mark Murcko. “I am excited by BHS’s vision and mission and look forward to driving BHS from a platform to a vibrant drug company.”

“We are quickly seeing the benefits of adding Mark’s perspective to the board. From new ideas of applications of our science to identifying market opportunities that really drive clinical value, we are driving momentum in discovery and therapeutic evolution”, said Colaizzi.

About BioHybrid Solutions Holdings, Inc.

BHS’s vision is to deliver safe and effective biologic drugs to patients everywhere. Our mission is to harness science for the precise design and development of breakthrough biologic medicines. Our systematic in silico and in vitro process exerts ImmunoControl™ through our EpitopeSilencing™ process, improving pharmacokinetics and increasing the half-life of NanoArmored biologic therapeutics while maintaining activity. In addition, the ImmunoControlTM platform can be used for EpitopeTargetingTM and EpitopeAccentuationTM, allowing for the discovery of new drugs against secondary, silent epitopes. Visit us at www.biohybridsolutions.com to learn more.

Please direct your inquiries to: info@biohybridsolutions.com