Advancing The Pace of Human Progress

“Next generation protein-polymer conjugates that cloak proteins with NanoArmor™; making them better at what they do.” – Dr. Matyjaszewski

Unleashing Nature’s Potential

Unlike traditional PEGylation techniques in which polymer chains are grafted to proteins with little control, the BHS technology utilizes atom transfer radical polymerization (ATRP), a chemistry invented by co-founder Dr. Matyjaszewski, which grows polymers with precision from the surface of proteins. This new approach results in higher density coverage of the protein with application-specific polymers, improving stability and bioavailability.

Billions of years of molecular evolution have directed nature to synthesize polymers with controlled sequences and configurations. Learning from nature, advances in polymer synthesis have led BHS scientists to develop biomacromolecules with controlled sequences, such as proteins, polysaccharides, and nucleic acids, to provide the diversity, complexity, and adaptability of living organisms. Our science creates a multifunctional “biohybrid” material that combines components of living systems with desired synthetic polymer properties.

Working with nature, BHS has created next-generation technology that fine tunes the polymer chemistry and precisely controls the location of polymer attachment on a biomolecule. Advanced understanding of fundamental chemistry enables unprecedented visualization of molecular detail, thereby opening the door to a myriad of game-changing therapeutic applications. View just a few of the scientific publications our team has contributed to here

Polymer-Based Protein Engineering

To protect delicate proteins from their ubiquitous hazardous environments, BioHybrid’s technology “NanoArmors™” proteins with polymer chains, attached via the ATRP process. Computational studies can be used to predict the structure, dynamics, and interactions of the conjugates using molecular dynamics simulations to help guide the design for conjugate synthesis. The grafting-from approach utilizes protein-reactive initiators to create macroinitiators from which polymers are grown using either ATRP or RAFT polymerization.

Improving Life-Saving Therapeutics

BioHybrid Solutions has created thousands of different NanoArmored™ proteins™ for a number of therapeutic applications. We are currently utilizing our proprietary technologies to develop the next-generation of therapeutics that will meet the most critical needs for both civilian and military populations.

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